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Support ocean conservation through global digital art
Light up 1 million screens with theBlu
The more screens, the greater the awareness, the more dollars for ocean conservation.
TheBlu’s inaugural non-profit cause collaborators include:
Ted Danson, Actor and Ocean Activist
Our oceans face a crisis. While beauty remains, overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction threaten whole species and ecosystems. I'm intrigued by the potential of theBlu as an Internet tool to protect the oceans.
Art has fueled social change throughout history. TheBlu harnesses the collaborative power of artists worldwide to focus attention on oceanic species and habitat.
How do we support ocean conservation

Every time a screen lights up with theBlu, we connect the dots between us and the Oceans, or what our Advisory Board Member Sylvia Earle, a.k.a Time Magazine's Hero of Planet, calls "our life support system." Only after we connect the dots can we truly appreciate and respect the Oceans.

Participating non-profit collaborators sponsor ambassador species in theBlu and users of theBlu are offered the opportunity to purchase these ambassador species for their virtual ocean environment. TheBlu will direct twenty-five percent (25%) of the purchase price of these virtual species directly to the non-profit collaborators to fund projects that support their work in the real ocean environment. The program is also designed to increase awareness and reach for collaborating organizations and their conservation efforts. Users of theBlu have the opportunity to affect real change for the world ocean.

If you are a non-profit interested in joining our Cause Collaborator program please contact us at: info@theblu.com.

How can you support us

Download and install theBlu in both expected and unexpected places! We want as many people as possible to go "tagging" to light up screens with theBlu at local computer stores, restaurants, libraries, friend's homes....anywhere there is a screen, tag it with theBlu.

The more screens, the greater the awareness, the more dollars for ocean conservation. Our goal is 1 million screens worldwide by December, 2012.

Take Action
  • Invite your friends and tweet when they join you in theBlu.
  • Share photos from your dives in theBlu.
  • Post videos when you get theBlu on multiple screens.
  • Spread the world in unexpected places. See examples.
  • Tag theBlu with our iconic stickers. Ask us to send some to you: support@theblu.com
  • Be creative and share your ingenuity with us and the entire theBlu network.